Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience.

What is life about nowadays ? You wake up every morning like a robot, go to work like a robot and miss all the beautiful things around you.

We work like a perfect clockwork, without doing any mistakes, without any pause, continuously.


We are born, go to the kindergarten, school, university and start living live as an adult, but what if there’s a huge step that you missed between reaching adulthood and before ?Where is this special step where you learn what it is to be yourself, start to live with your body and get to know yourself more?

I was one of those perfectly working clockworks. I had a Job, a car and was bonded to my Life with tons of contracts until I had enough one day.

It happened so fast, at first I was afraid but I quit my job, cancelled my contracts, sold my car and booked a one way ticket to Australia. How I started my journey and how I planned everything read here .